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David Ferrier is a master speacialist in ‘on page’ and ‘of page’ search engine optimisation. Furthermore we promote the use of the world class plugin ‘Yoast’ to fast track your web page well beyond your competition. Since 2012 we have been working on bringing web pages to the top of there high traffic keywords. Consequently SEO Adelaide we understand how to work with our clients to increase traffic and inquries.

Most noteworthy we are aware that SEO is also about ‘of page work’. You are aware of how critical this is to the ranking of your high trafic keywords. Furthermore we also build links with local, high ranking web pages to directly increase your web page authority. Article submissions are critical! Google has made it clear that you need to publish ‘original’ articles and blogs ‘on your page’ and also ‘of your page’ to build ranking. SEO Adelaide focuses on best practice. Above all we have a small team of hand picked leading experts that are leaders in there field. This includes a full time article writer, two search engine optimisers and a world class web page builder.

Project management and Values

In contrast to our competitors, overseeing all our work is a project manger that has weekly meetings with the director David Ferrier. Consequently, performance reviews are a weekly occurrence and David is strong on integrity and accountability with his staff!  Even more Resultzcorp also encourages you and your staff to get involved. Finally, coaching you on SEO is important so YOU KNOW what work we are doing to improve your ranking. Please see the massive amount of work we do.

Our three core values are:

  1. ‘Integrity’ – When we say we will do something we will actually do it!
  2. Being ‘In action’ – Taking decisive action to implement high level google friendly SEO.
  3. ‘Responsibility’ – Even more we are responsible for the marketing and lead generation for many businesses. We take this very seriously! 
  4. ‘innovation’ – Keeping up to date of google algorithm changes is vital. ‘Yoast’ evolves and we evolve with it! 

Follow up from SEO Adelaide

One of the reason why we have diversified into SEO was because we have had clients of Resultzcorp wanting to get results from there web pages. Many businesses invest in SEO in Adelaide only to be let down with the results. Hence they are left wondering where there money is going. Due to this SEO Adelaide will give an easy graph report each month that clearly shows your keywords and how they have increased. Hence if YOUR keywords do not increase we will be more concerned than you. Have confidence that our systems will red flag this and we will move into action.

Consequently repeat business is the corner stone to our business. Finally, we need to get the phone to ring and have internet inquiries coming into your business. A team member can also can follow up ‘face to face’ every 3 months. 

OUR Guarantees 

Always have a guarantee that you SEO company will have you on the first page in Adelaide within 6 months.  Get results in two months or the contact can be terminated immediately. The key to this, as mentioned earlier, is to have article and blogs written. Note that it is part of our strategy to go on your page and also linked to other high ranking web pages.

Finally be aware that the first page will not always get the injuries coming in.Sometimes you need to be in the top 3 in google to get your hits and business.

Contact David Ferrier on 0450 412 355 or e-mail him on


ResultzCorp - Sales Training Adelaide Testimony


The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

Top Sales Motivational Speakers

Alongside sales speaking and customised sales training programs  throughout Australia, Resultzcorp offers a 2-day sales training conference for sales professionals. The course covers behavioural progression, clinical and sales psychology, business networking, body language, subconscious programming, professional sales presenting and closing sequences that are day and work.. Find further information on our sales training conferences and details on professional speaking topics.

Top Sales Motivational Speakers

For Customised Sales Training Programs



Best Sales Motivational Speakers

We are of the view that the best outcomes for our clients can be achieved with sales training and professional speaking by sales speakers that are both interactive and fun. Resultzcorp is focused on building relationships with clients and ensuring a clear and recognised return on investment. 

Resultzcorps success and growth is in this philosophy. In helping companies and individuals achieve their goals, Resultzcorp achieves their own goals. Get the best sales motivational speakers for your event and will make a difference in the lives of others! 

Below are some of our valued customers.

logo-tru logo-simonds ResultzCorp - Sales Training Adelaide Reece Client ResultzCorp -Sales Training Adelaide Nike Client logo-emirates ResultzCorp - Sales Training Adelaide Chrysler Client logo-anz ResultzCorp - Sales Training Adelaide Alcatel Client


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