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Resultzcorp is an search engine optimisation, web page and professional speaking company with its roots in high level results.  David Ferrier is an expert professional speaker on Digital lead generation, sales consultant, leadership and inspiration. Consiquently David Ferrier inspires companies, sales teams and audiences intro action to increase performance. Most noteworthy, his skills in digital marketing provided him the speaking leads to launch his professional speaking career. He is now a ‘multiple international award winning’ professional speaker.

Furthermore Resultzcorp has delivered on our commitment to bring in, and help convert leads to thousands of businesses throughout Australia. We provide results for small to medium sized businesses and have one of the best direct sales speakers in Australia.

Direct sales speakers is about converting the inquiry into a sale; but how are you using digital Technology? 

Similarly what are your high traffic keywords? (What are your customers typing into there phones to find your products and services in your region?)

How is your business implementing keyword strategies to turn your web page into a lead generating machine?

About Owner – David Ferrier.

ResultzCorp is owned by the managing director David Ferrier. He started his own sales training and speaking company in year 1999. He is the past president of the national speakers association and is committed to a high level of integrity in his business and personal life.   

His Specialist topics are:

  • How to master digital technology
  • The key to business is keywords
  • Behavioural Progression.
  • The Clinical Psychology of Sales Psychology
  • Converting web injuries into sales
  • Networking a room for direct sales people
  • Reading body language
  • Developing new business
  • The art of closing and negotiating 

David Ferrier, uses all these specialisations to help generate digital leads for his clients. Repeat business is the backbone of our business .Consequently David speaks at various seminars, sales conferences and workshops all over Australia. He has helped tens of thousands of individuals and hundreds of business in achieving their business goals. He delivers inspirational marketing and direct sales tips that the audience will be moved and inspires to use long after the talk.

Finally ResultzCorp has been operating for the past 18 years and has emerged as a dynamic company with specialised and professional abilities to move companies and sales people into actual action. The skills will last a life time!



Please contact David from Resultzcorp today for a phone consultation.

'Customised speaking and training for perfect client outcomes'.
T: 0450 412 355
E mail: david@resultzcorp.com.au

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