Resultzcorp Sales Conference

Resultzcorp Sales Conference

Resultzcorp conducts easily implemented, results driven transformational sales training through the resultzcorp sales conference. This world class event is designed specifically for sales people and teams in Australia who are looking for one of the most experienced, dynamic and professional sales speakers and trainer in Australia.

At 47 David Ferrier is in his prime and is one of the most experiences sales speakers with 17 years sales speaking experience. Contact 0450 412 355 to check availability. Congratulation on becoming aware that the first step to improving is to learn, adapt and evolve. ‘The Resultzcorp Sales Conference’ transforms you and your team and exceeds your expectations. Your competition are left wondering what you are doing. The presenter, and one of Australia’s best sales speakers, David Ferrier is also an multiple international award winning sales speaker and the past President of ‘The National Speakers Association’.

Prepare yourself to be inspired by one of the worlds best sales speakers and trainer. 

Resultzcorp offers: The ‘Resultzcorp Sales Training Conference’ CALL: 0450 412 355

Designed for small to medium businesses (with 1 to 10 sales people) wanting hard core sales results through the dynamic Resultzcorp sales conference. You will become aware that this dynamic sales conference has a maximum of only 20 delegates and runs over two days and is split over a week allowing participants to practice the skills they have learnt during day one. (Monday, a week gap and then another Monday) We include world class guest speakers on both days. You could become involved in our sales training conference in Adelaide on Monday the 16th of January and day two, one week later, is on Monday the 23rd of January. We also have a ‘Resultzcorp Sales Conference’ later in the year so can spread your investment out and easily afford it. (ask about our full money back guarantee)

Ongoing Sales Support – Resultzcorp Sales Conference

After the Resultzcorp sales conference you have the option to select ongoing support to effortlessly implement and monitor the sales systems that you feel will create the biggest impact into your own company. Naturally this process is a system that effortlessly and directly impacts net profit figures for sales people, companies and organisations. Prepare yourself for the positive impact!

Resultzcorp Sales Conference and sales speakers



The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

The following is a complete course overview:

Day 1:

Behavioural Progression • The way we communicate. • Everybody can improve the way they communicate. • The courage to progress. Roadblocks • High risk responses recognised by behavioural scientists. • Negative impacting responses. • The 12 recognised roadblocks. Elite listening skills (behavioural science) • Physical attending skills. • Following skills. • Reflective responses. • Being assertive. Networking success • Trade shows. • Product launches. • After hours business functions (Chamber of Commerce function). • Professional lead generation and follow up. Body Language • Gestures and gesture clusters (what do they mean). • The truth and lying through body language. • Positive and negative gestures. • Finding hidden objections. Listening to yourself • Others negative talk. • Thinking and performance. • Programming the sub-conscious. • Visualisation/self talk/affirmation. Day one is followed by a one week workshop completed by the representatives in their own time (15-30 minutes each night) while working their normal sales week. A structured two hour sales meeting to be conducted two days after day one, chaired by the director or sales manager on their business premises.

Day 2:

6-7 days after day one Brief overview of day one and positive stories from the attendees Preparation • Planning for success. • The plan to presentation. • Behavioural science into presenting. • Knowing your unique selling benefits. • Visual aids. • Converting common objections. • Planning to convert a call-back. Getting the Elite qualified appointment • Getting in front of the decision maker/makers. • Converting price shoppers. Stress management segment • What is stress. • Causes of stress. • Taking evasive action. • Stress and the correlation between time management. The planned presentation sequent Introduction (the top 4%) • First impressions/meet and greet. • Repour building and common ground. • The need analysis stage. • Staying in control. The presentation • Taking charge. • Visual aids. • Explaining USB’s. • Soft closing in the presentation. The Close • The goals of the close. • Building and justifying urgency. • Closing methods/techniques. • Dealing with common objections. • Finding the main objection. • Sliding. A structured two hour sales meeting is conducted two days after day two.


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