Sales Consulting

Sales consulting

David Ferrier is the owner of Resultzcorp sales training. He is experienced in sales consulting and sales coaching. 

David had a high level of ‘hardcore’ sales results in the direct and corporate sales arena. This tells you a lot about his accomplishments and the experience under his belt. Of course, this was before he started his sales training and sales consultant company 17 years ago. Consequently, he has been working with small to medium sized businesses and sales professionals full-time for 17 years. As a result, he has the experience to consult a high-level sales person or organization to achieve tangible increases in sales. For example, he understands how to run a successful mystery shops campaign for evaluating sales processes and performance. Also, he can evaluate sales processes and performance, to implementing structured sales systems to increase sales. David has the tools to get the job done. Please contact David, and he will put together a customized sales training programs that will exceed your expectations.

A free sales consultation or sales consultant to test the water. Customized sales training can be easy!

A free sales consultant session is offered and included is a mystery shop so we can see areas of improving sales conversions from the start. The sales consulting involves a structured ‘needs analyst’ a presentation with ideas to cover your needs and evaluation on the expected increases and time frames.

Having an expert who has been a specialist in sales systems is worth the effort. Not only can they help to increase sales conversions by looking at your existing sales processes, but they will open ideas that otherwise were not there. Please feel free to look the testimonials (on letterheads) on this web page. We have over 100 satisfied customers who talk about HUGE increases in sales.

How amazingly great can your sales be?

Call David 0450 412 355 today for a free consultation to match a sales program to your individual business needs.


Sales Consulting



The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~


Please feel welcome to contact David from Resultzcorp today for a phone consultation.

‘Cusomised speaking and training for perfect client outcomes’.

T: 0450 412 355


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