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David Ferrier is a master speacialist in WordPress and ‘on page’ search engine optimisation. We promote the use of the world class plugin ‘Yoast’ to optimise your web page into a world class catergory. Since 2012 we have been working on bringing web pages to the top of there keywords. With SEO Adelaide we understands how to work with our clients to increase sales.

Being aware that SEO is also about of page work is critical to your ranking on your keywords. Resultzcorp also builds links with high ranking web pages to build your web pages ranking. Google has made it clear that you need to publish articles and blogs on your page and also of your page to build ranking. SEO Adelaide results are achieved by doing that. We have a team of writers that can write articles and Bloggs for you. We also encourage you and your staff to write Bloggs and load them into your web page. Coaching you on SEO is important so YOU KNOW what work we are doing to improve your ranking. 

Follow up from SEO Adelaide

One of the reason why we have diversified into SEO was because we have had clients of Resultzcorp wanting to get results from there keywords. Many businesses invest in SEO in Adelaide only to be let down with the results. They are left wondering where there money is going. With SEO Adelaide we will give an easy graph report each month that clearly shows your keywords and how they have increased. If the keywords do not increase we will be more concerned than you and our system will red flag this.

We clearly know repeat business is the key to our business and we need to get the phone to ring and have internet inquiries coming into your business. We will also follow up ‘face to face’ every 3 months with an extensive rapport and a plan to move forward.

OUR Guarantees 

Always have a guarantee that you SEO company will have you on the first page in Adelaide within 3 months or the contact can be terminated immediately. The key to this, as mentioned earlier, is to have article and blogs written to go on your page and also linked to other high ranking web pages.

Be aware that the first page will not always get the injuries coming in, based on the traffic of the keywords. Sometimes you need to be in the top 3 in google to get your hits.


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The seminar was both timely and most importantly provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

The following is a complete course overview:

Day 1:

Behavioural Progression • The way we communicate. • Everybody can improve the way they communicate. • The courage to progress. Roadblocks • High risk responses recognised by behavioural scientists. • Negative impacting responses. • The 12 recognised roadblocks. Elite listening skills (behavioural science) • Physical attending skills. • Following skills. • Reflective responses. • Being assertive. Networking success • Trade shows. • Product launches. • After hours business functions (Chamber of Commerce function). • Professional lead generation and follow up. Body Language • Gestures and gesture clusters (what do they mean). • The truth and lying through body language. • Positive and negative gestures. • Finding hidden objections. Listening to yourself • Others negative talk. • Thinking and performance. • Programming the sub-conscious. • Visualisation/self talk/affirmation. Day one is followed by a one week workshop completed by the representatives in their own time (15-30 minutes each night) while working their normal sales week. A structured two hour sales meeting to be conducted two days after day one, chaired by the director or sales manager on their business premises.

Day 2:

6-7 days after day one Brief overview of day one and positive stories from the attendees Preparation • Planning for success. • The plan to presentation. • Behavioural science into presenting. • Knowing your unique selling benefits. • Visual aids. • Converting common objections. • Planning to convert a call-back. Getting the Elite qualified appointment • Getting in front of the decision maker/makers. • Converting price shoppers. Stress management segment • What is stress. • Causes of stress. • Taking evasive action. • Stress and the correlation between time management. The planned presentation sequent Introduction (the top 4%) • First impressions/meet and greet. • Repour building and common ground. • The need analysis stage. • Staying in control. The presentation • Taking charge. • Visual aids. • Explaining USB’s. • Soft closing in the presentation. The Close • The goals of the close. • Building and justifying urgency. • Closing methods/techniques. • Dealing with common objections. • Finding the main objection. • Sliding. A structured two hour sales meeting is conducted two days after day two.


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