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Resultzcorp is a leading SEO company Adelaide city, and its environs. We have four driving forces at SEO Services Adelaide. These are providing quality results, excellent customer care and efficient processes that will give the best value for your money. The ribbon that wraps these three forces (nicely) is unrelenting professionalism.

The director, David Ferrier, is a master specialist in ‘on page’ and ‘off page’ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Coupled with this, we promote the use of the world-class plugin ‘Yoast’ to optimise and fast-track your web page well beyond your competition. (And when we say it, we mean it!). We are simply the best in providing SEO services Adelaide!

Yoast has three big pros. First, it helps with proper keyword research. Secondly, it is a lens for looking at how your website is stacking up against the numbers compared to your competitor. Finally, it is versatile and applies to all industries.

Since 2012, we have been helping our clients’ web pages to reach the top of their high-traffic keywords. By the same token, we are responsible for attracting the business while you engage and nurture the business!

For instance, this page is dedicated to the high traffic keyword ‘SEO company Adelaide.’ Every month, over 40,000 people in Adelaide type this phrase into Google (or any other search engine). As a result, their Google-Search for SEO services Adelaide leads them to this page. Having the right saturation of this keyword in this page is critical to attracting those people to your business.

(Please contact Resultzcorp to get a better explanation of how we can help you get the same results.) 

Why Off-Page Optimisation is CRITICAL to the Overall Rank

It is important to realize that SEO is also heavily dependent on ‘Off-page optimisation.’ Good optimisation is crucial to the ranking of your high-traffic keywords. We build links to local, high-ranking web pages. In so doing, we directly increase your ‘webpage authority.’ It means that Google will like your content more. These links are connected to your web page (so quality is imperative).

‘Off-Page’ article submissions are a prerequisite of any high-level SEO strategy! Google has made it clear that you need to publish ‘original’ reports and blogs ‘on your page.’ Additionally, you must do the same ‘off your page’ to build ranking. SEO Services Adelaide focuses on best practices. And we follow Google’s rules to the ‘T.’ 

Why Use SEO Company Adelaide? Future-Proof Your Business

The rate of blacklisting sites is greater now than ever before. This is because of ‘dodgy’ optimisation strategies mainly from India and Pakistan. Increasing ranking fast only to have it fall doesn’t make sense. It is like burning money. As a result, you find that long-term digital media partnerships will future-proof your business.

For this reason, we have a small team of hand-picked leading experts who are highly skilled in their respective fields. First, we have a full-time article writer. The author makes sure we give you only the best value for your content. Secondly, we also have two master Search Engine Optimisers. Their job is to ensure that your fresh content ranks well in Google. Third, we also have a world-class web programmer and developer. Finally, the whole team is lead by a robustly competent project manager. 


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Resultzcorp’s seminar was both timely and provided practical sales applications for immediate implementation by our team.

Thank you again for your effort.


~ Andrew Smith ~

Our complete course overview:

Day 1:

Behavioural Progression • The way we communicate. • Everybody can improve the way they communicate. • The courage to progress. Roadblocks • High risk responses recognised by behavioural scientists. • Negative impacting responses. • The 12 recognised roadblocks. Elite listening skills (behavioural science) • Physical attending skills. • Following skills. • Reflective responses. • Being assertive. Networking success • Trade shows. • Product launches. • After-hours business functions (Chamber of Commerce function).

•Professional lead generation and follow up. Body Language •Gestures and gesture clusters (what do they mean?). • Truth and lying through body language. • Positive and negative gestures. • Finding hidden objections. •Listening to yourself • Others negative talk. •Thinking and performance. • Programming the sub-conscious. • Visualisation/self talk/affirmation.

Day one is followed by a one week workshop completed by the representatives in their own time (15-30 minutes each night). Moreover, this is done while they are working their normal sales week. Afterwards, it is important to conduct a structured two hour sales meeting, two days after day one. The director or sales manager will chair this meeting. Meeting takes place in the business premises.

Day 2:

6-7 days after day one Brief overview of day one and positive stories from the attendees Preparation • Planning for success. • The plan to presentation. • Behavioural science into presenting. • Knowing your unique selling benefits. • Visual aids. •Converting common objections. • Planning to convert a call-back. • Landing the Elite qualified appointment • Getting in front of the decision maker/makers.

•Converting price shoppers. •Stress management segment • What is stress. • Causes of stress. • Taking evasive action. • Stress and the correlation between time management. •The planned presentation sequence Introduction (the top 4%) • First impressions/meet and greet. • Rapport-building and common ground. • The need analysis stage. • Staying in control. The presentation • Taking charge. • Visual aids. • Explaining USB’s. • Soft closing in the presentation.

The Close • Goals of the close. • Building and justifying urgency. • Closing methods/techniques. • Dealing with common objections. • Finding the main objection. • Sliding. Finally, a structured two-hour sales meeting is conducted two days after day two.


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